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William Hogarth 1697-1764

After Hogarth's death his copper plates were auctioned off and the noted engraver James Heath (757-1835) strengthened some of the lines and printed all the plates as Hogarth had done in his own lifetime.

TO PURCHASE ONE OF THE SERIES eg Rakes Progress VIA OUR WEBSITE, you only need to proceed by buying the first plate in the series.


Ronald Paulson, Hogarth's Graphic Works, London, Yale University Press, 1965

Sean Shesgreen, editor Engravings of Hogarth
Dover publications 1973

All sold mounted but unframed.

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Set of 2 Plates

This scene contrasts a girl's last-minute resistance with her prior inclinations and preparations. In the second plate the contrast to the pursuit and flight of "Before" have become passive moods and reactions

Set of 4 plates

The Four Times of the Day depicts London life and entertainments and are one of Hogarth's his both accomplished series.

Set of 6 plates

A Harlot's Progress tells the story of the fall and speedy destruction of a girl who comes from the country to London to earn a livelihood. The work is primarily didactic: Hogarth's intention was to reveal through the girl's life the follies and miseries of vic with a view to providing his audiences with a negative example for their own conduct.

Set of 12 Plates

Hogarth engraved these plates depicting episodes from the Samuel Butler’s Hudibras (1662), a long, enduringly popular satirical poem exposing the personal, political and religious delusions generated by the English Civil Wars, which was regularly lauded as an English counterpart to Cervantes’ Don Quixote. I
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