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William Hogarth 1697-1764

After Hogarth's death his copper plates were auctioned off and the noted engraver James Heath (757-1835) strengthened some of the lines and printed all the plates as Hogarth had done in his own lifetime.

TO PURCHASE ONE OF THE SERIES eg Rakes Progress VIA OUR WEBSITE, you only need to proceed by buying the first plate in the series.


Ronald Paulson, Hogarth's Graphic Works, London, Yale University Press, 1965

Sean Shesgreen, editor Engravings of Hogarth
Dover publications 1973

All sold mounted but unframed.

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Set of 2 plates

The first plate in this series depicts a courtyard filled with some of the most famous works of classical sculpture. It is believed to have been inspired by a passage in Socrates' analysis of beauty based upon art objects in the yard of a friend.

In the second plate Hogarth shows the exuberance of a country dance. An 18th century ball began with these formal dances, but later in the evening everyone let their hair down and danced country dances.

Set of 2 Plates

This scene contrasts a girl's last-minute resistance with her prior inclinations and preparations. In the second plate the contrast to the pursuit and flight of "Before" have become passive moods and reactions

Five of the six engravings illustrate episodes from Part I of Don Quixote; the sixth, "Sancho's Feast," refers to an episode in Part II, Chapter 47.

Set of 4 plates

Aimed at the upper middle and upper classes, this series shows the cynicism of the aristocratic class toward electoral politics and delineates their attempted manipulation of the populace. It depicts politicians of both parties using slogans, flattery, bribery, alcohol, food and trinkets to exploit the population in the interests of their own undemocratic ambitions.

Set of 4 plates

" The four stages of cruelty were done in the hopes of preventing in some degree that cruel treatment of poor animals which makes the streets of London more disagreeable to the human mind, than anything what ever, the very describing of which gives pain. But it could not be done in too strong a manner, as the most stony hearts were meant to be affected by them. ... *.

Set of 4 plates

The Four Times of the Day depicts London life and entertainments and are one of Hogarth's his both accomplished series.
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